Tailored Mentoring & Coaching

One-on-one training is a very effective method of developing skills and generally delivers quick results, saves time and is cost-effective.

It’s the perfect solution for busy managers who need to develop skills but don’t have the time to attend training seminars.

Here is the process we follow with one-on-one training:

  1. We are briefed on the person’s role and the key areas of development.
  2. A coaching session is generally 2 hours. At the end of this session the person will have specific things to work on over the coming weeks.
  3. A follow-up phone call is made to the person to reinforce skills learnt and to ascertain their progress in applying content covered during their session. This would be about a month later.
  4. The session can be held at our boardroom or in-house, at your company’s boardroom.

Get in-touch with us and see what we can do for you. We can answer all you questions and suggest the best training solution to meet your needs. 

What people say about our 1:1 mentoring & coaching

"My one-on one-coaching sessions have equipped me with the perfect platform to develop my leadership. Sessions were catered specifically to my needs, and coached in a way that empowered me. Providing me with the confidence to implement strategies, which has seen a significant amount of success across my teams. The ongoing support and coaching outside of the sessions has also kept me accountable and supported throughout my journey."

Supervisor with 27 direct reports  - Medical Centre (4 sessions, 1 month apart)