Our Team

Marie Posa - Founder/Director

Marie Posa has a strong passion for training. With over 25 years of knowledge and expertise in assisting business clients to improve their effectiveness, she has a wide knowledge base to draw on.

She is very professional and has a warm and engaging manner. She has a keen insight into people, tapping into their potential and motivating them to action. 

A highly experienced training facilitator, she is comfortable working at all levels within any organisation; from Managing Director through to support staff.

Marie's early career

Marie started her career at the NZ College of Fashion Design. After gaining two diplomas, she was a full-time tutor at the college for 4 years.

She became a certified Dale Carnegie instructor. During her 6 years with Dale Carnegie & Associates she expanded her understanding of leadership workplace dynamics and how to develop the potential of individuals. Over that period she also freelanced as a course designer and training facilitator for leading NZ companies, including: EMA, NZIM and First Training.

Richard D. Morgal recognised Marie’s potential as a motivator and leader. He mentored her for 5 years in culture change, developing upper management and leadership training. This gave her first-hand view of international business best practices at the highest corporate level.

In 1990 Marie founded Total Image. This later became Innovative Training Services, which significantly expanded the range of training being provided.

“Two words describe Marie
TOP QUALITY! She is a first-class professional, with spotless personal appearance, intense interest in the development of others and very high standards. She has strong leadership, prepares thoroughly, organises superbly, coaches with persistence, comments with people-centred insight.”

Richard D. Morgal, Vice President, International Operations, Dale Carnegie & Associates (New York)


To ensure each client receives the most up-to-date training; Marie has a team of highly experienced Associates, bringing their expertise to assignments. With her team, she designs and facilitates training programmes for business clients on a broad range of topics. They also offer mentoring or coaching for individuals, from Managing Director through to support staff.

Marie Posa