Presentation Skills – How to Connect & Be Convincing

When you present with PowerPoint, do you have people’s full attention? Whether you are presenting to a couple of people or a couple of hundred, are you able to connect with your audience?

Forget everything you’ve been told about doing a presentation; this is the course which will change the way you communicate forever!

Course Structure

This course is for all levels of management and Sales Consultants who have some presenting experience and want to take it to the next level. 

Planning and Preparation

  • Define the purpose. Why are you doing the presentation and what do you want to achieve?

  • Consider the audience. Who is going to be listening? What do they already know about your topic?

  • What format will you use? Will you use a PowerPoint, hand-outs, group discussion etc to get the best engagement?

Organising information for maximum impact

  • Learn how to plan the flow of your presentation to gain the most impact.

  • Think about who you will be talking to. You will learn how to organise your key points and information in such a way that you hold audience interest.

  • People remember what they hear first and last. You will be shown how to plan an introduction and closing which is strong, focused and directed towards achieving your objectives.

Thinking on your feet

  • The best laid plans can be turned upside down. Learn how to build flexibility into your presentation so that you can respond confidently to audience concerns.

  • Learn how to maintain composure, and handle interruptions and questions competently.

Connecting with the Audience

  • You will learn how to build rapport with your audience and keep their attention right to the end.

  • Sometimes one or two people can be negative or disruptive. How to respond when the signals you’re getting indicate lack of interest, boredom or hostility.

Vocal impact

  • Understand the power of your voice - it’s not what you say but how you say it.

  • You will learn how to increase the ‘believability factor’ by sounding professional.

Personal Presence

  • It’s all about perceptions. Learn the secrets of ‘presence management’ and what impacts on your up-front credibility.

  • You will be introduced to the 7 components of ‘visual impact’ and how to eliminate the distractions.

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Course Nuts and Bolts

2023 Course dates for Auckland: 28 March | 22 August
Investment: Standard Fee: $650 + GST
Early Bird Fee: $595 + GST
Early Bird Cut Off Dates: 28 February | 25 June | 11 September
Duration: A full day course, starting at 9.00am and concluding at 5.00pm.
Location: Registered course attendees will be provided with full venue details.
Limited Numbers: Course numbers are limited to 10 participants. Please register early to avoid disappointment.
Inclusions: Highly experienced trainer, a comprehensive manual, ITS Certificate of Achievement, lunch and refreshments.

Further Information

We have all been to presentations which are boring, boring, boring! The ability to engage with people and hold their attention is cornerstone of an effective presentation. How do you keep audience interest when your topic is cumbersome or detail oriented?

Whether you are presenting to a client, your team or a larger group, the fundamentals of effective communication apply. This course will provide you with a step-by-step format which you can adapt to any length of presentation and any audience. It will provide “Aha! Moments” where you will say “I wish I knew this information years ago!”

Innovative Training Services ‘Presentation Skills – How to Connect & Be Convincing’ course will provide you with skills to plan and deliver professional, convincing and effective presentations. The training style is relaxed and some supportive coaching will be provided.

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