Short Courses

We offer a limited number of specialised courses which are open to the public. 

The training style is relaxed and interactive. 

Attendees can ask questions and gain feedback on how to best use the course content when they return to their workplace.

Our Short Courses

How to Manage Stress & Get a Work Life Balance

Do you find yourself going to bed tired and waking up tired? Do you find it hard to focus and find yourself being grumpy with even the smallest of things becoming irritating? If this sounds like you then training on how to manage stress, handle pressure and get a work life balance will make a significant difference to your life.

Receptionist & Customer Service Course

This course is for Receptionists and Customer Service Personnel. The course covers the key skills needed to engage with all phone callers and visitors, in a professional manner.

Key Elements of Time Management

Are you caught in the urgent trap? Are you always against the wall with deadlines? Do you feel overloaded and worn out? Do you often find yourself procrastinating or choosing easy tasks over complex important ones? Or, do you simply seek the tools to supercharge your time and effectiveness.

Time Management for Managers

This comprehensive course builds on our half-day ‘Key Elements of Time Management’ course and is full of practical strategies to focus attention and make it easier to put competing tasks into perspective.

Business Writing for Concise Emails

If you’re serious about writing emails that are reader-friendly, clear, concise, and get the outcomes you’re looking for; then this is the course for you.

The Exceptional Executive/Personal Assistant

A series of high-impact modules which develop key skills for senior Secretaries and PAs. The training is interactive, uses case studies, provides opportunities to ask questions and to discuss current role challenges.

Dealing with People & Difficult Situations

This course provides tools for problem solving, self-management, positive assertivness and conflict resolution. These will enable the participants to deal confidently and competently with conflict situations, and to create win/win outcomes.

Business Writing - Writing Clearly & Communicating Better

The training provides formats for all written communications. This ensures that communication is clear, concise, reader-friendly and professional. The participants are shown how to avoid common writing pitfalls. They are introduced to the three stage writing process and principles of effective writing.

Presentation Skills – How to Connect & Be Convincing

This course will provide you with skills to plan and deliver professional, convincing and effective presentations. The training style is relaxed and some supportive coaching will be provided.