Why Choose ITS

The skills Innovative Training Services Team brings to each assignment

Innovative Training Service (ITS) is committed to delivering outstanding results for our clients. Before any training takes place we are briefed on the client’s needs, the outcomes they are looking for and the people attending.


Why choose ITS when you are looking to up-skill your management and staff? Because we are:

  • Experienced
    - have the ability to quickly assess situations and come up with effective training solutions.

  • People Oriented 
    - have a keen insight into people, personality and team dynamics.

  • Approachable
    - have an approachable manner with a clear and concise communication style.

  • Engaging
    - have the ability to inspire and motivate training attendees to action.

  • Results Oriented
    - research and prepare thoroughly to ensure we deliver exceptional results.

  • Creative & Flexible
    - have an innovative and effective approach to quality training.

  • Change Agents
    - passionate and a desire to act as a catalyst for positive change.

  • Professional
    - bring a high level of commitment and professionalism to each assignment.

Our Guarantee

We are totally committed to delivering outstanding training results to our clients. If you are not happy with the training delivered, we will re-do it, or refund your money.

Proven Track Record

ITS has extensive experience and a wide knowledge base to draw on.